The Ultimate Guide To Moving To St. Thomas Ontario

Discovering St. Thomas: The Ultimate Guide to Relocating to Ontario's Hidden Gem

Located in the heart of Ontario's Elgin County, St. Thomas combines charm and convenience, all within proximity to the picturesque shores of Lake Erie. As a small city strategically positioned between larger urban areas, St. Thomas presents impressive housing potential that is attracting both homebuyers and investors.

Despite its smaller size, the city benefits from a short 25-minute drive to London, Ontario, ensuring residents have access to a wide range of amenities and enjoy a quick and easy commute to the bustling city center. In addition, St. Thomas' location provides straightforward and rapid access to the 401, making it a desirable destination for those seeking a balance between peaceful living and urban accessibility.

Known as the 'Railway Capital of Canada,' St. Thomas, Ontario, offers residents a lifestyle deeply intertwined with its rich railway heritage. Each day, the city witnesses over 100 trains traversing its core, highlighting its esteemed title. This storied past is palpable throughout St. Thomas, from the meticulously restored original train station to the engaging exhibits at the Elgin County Railway Museum.

The city also honours its history with the iconic Jumbo the Elephant monument, a tribute to the famous circus elephant that met an unfortunate end in St. Thomas in 1885. Beyond its railway heritage, St. Thomas boasts a dependable and user-friendly public transportation system via St. Thomas Transit, which includes both Conventional and Parallel Transit Systems.

This ease of travel, coupled with the city's authentic sense of community, makes it an inviting destination for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. With its welcoming ambiance, profound history, and exceptional value, St. Thomas offers a delightful residential experience for residents of all ages and backgrounds.

If you are considering investing in real estate, St. Thomas, ON, presents a dynamic and ever-growing landscape that mirrors the city's rising appeal and broader nationwide patterns. In recent years, the market has experienced a consistent increase in demand, propelled by St. Thomas' unique combination of small-town charm and modern amenities.

This rising demand is reflected in escalating property values, positioning St. Thomas as an attractive destination for both first-time buyers and seasoned real estate investors. The market's continual upward trend is further reinforced by the city's growing popularity and its proximity to larger urban centers like London.

St. Thomas boasts a diverse real estate market, catering to the varied tastes and standards of its residents. Whether you're searching for a quaint historic home or a contemporary condominium, St. Thomas ensures every potential homeowner will find their ideal property.

Housing tyles in St.thomas include:

Detached Homes: Mainly showcasing Victorian and Edwardian designs, these residences are great for individuals who desire a mix of old-world charm and present-day convenience.

Townhomes and Condos: Perfect for those wanting an easy-care living experience, these homes provide contemporary features and are frequently found near Downtown.

Up-and-Coming Housing Projects: St. Thomas is seeing an increase in new residential areas, presenting homes that merge modern style with advanced amenities.

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As people increasingly recognize the affordability of living in St. Thomas compared to nearby larger cities, the city's neighbourhoods have been expanding and growing significantly. New subdivisions are emerging, contributing to the city's expansion and offering prospective homeowners a variety of modern and attractive residential choices.

Some of the area's most sought-after neighbourhoods include:

Shaw Valley Neighbourhood

Characterized by its wide streets and spacious lots, Shaw Valley is a sought-after neighbourhood located in the South near Sunset Drive. Residents enjoy proximity to excellent amenities while still experiencing a tranquil setting away from the city's hustle. The area's convenient 10-minute drive to Port Stanley's beaches and its closeness to Shaw Valley Country Club and Kettle Creek offers attractions for both beach enthusiasts and golf lovers.

If you are looking for a blend of luxurious countryside living and affordability, The Ridge is a brand-new development worth considering.

The Ridge Neighbourhood

Offering single-family homes in a beautiful wooded area, the properties in this neighbourhood are EnergyStar custom-built homes that provide residents with easy access to walking and bike trails. As well, its notable location near the 401 makes The Ridge a great spot for commuters seeking a serene environment without sacrificing convenience.

Luxurious Countryside Living In The Ridge Neighbourhood in St Thomas, ON

Orchard Park Neighbourhood

Orchard Park residents enjoy a prime location in the southeast area of St. Thomas, making it a popular choice for homebuyers. The neighbourhood offers a variety of home styles, including one-story, two-story, and split-level designs, to suit diverse preferences. Nearly every home in Orchard Park is within walking distance of an excellent school, along with access to amenities such as a baseball diamond, parks, and scenic walking trails.

Orchard Park Meadows

Strategically located at the intersection of Centennial and Southdale in South St. Thomas, Orchard Park Meadows complements the group of communities in this vibrant area. The neighbourhood offers a diverse selection of housing options, including townhomes that are consistently in high demand, attractive semi-detached homes, and beautiful single-family homes. Each home in Orchard Park Meadows features exquisite interior finishes, providing turnkey solutions for homeowners looking for both comfort and style.
Miller’s Pond

As one of St. Thomas's newer developments, Miller's Pond is located near Lake Margaret Trail, offering residents direct outdoor recreation access. Homeowners often enjoy views of Caples Creek from their homes, adding to the neighbourhood's natural charm. With a welcoming water feature at its entrance and proximity to Saint Thomas Elgin General Hospital and Fanshawe College, Miller’s Pond combines convenience with a laid-back atmosphere.

Choosing to move to St. Thomas, Ontario provides access to a fantastic educational environment that meets a wide spectrum of educational requirements and goals. The city is served by three main schooling systems including Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB), the London District Catholic School Board, and private schools, offering families diverse educational choices.

Thames Valley District School Board:

Elementary Schools:

High Schools:

Great Schools In The Thames Valley District School Board

London District Catholic School Board:

Elementary Schools:

High School:

Private Schools:

Regarding post-secondary education, Fanshawe College in St. Thomas offers a variety of programs and courses. At the same time, London provides a wider array of options, including proximity to Western University and its associated institutions.

Fantastic Schools In The London District Catholic School Board


Opportunities abound in St. Thomas, which is anchored by a manufacturing sector featuring various facilities, including automotive assembly. The city offers a broad spectrum of employment options, ranging from skilled trades to managerial roles, catering to individuals with broad-ranging skill sets and career goals. Healthcare and education industries are also significant economic drivers, with the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital serving as a pivotal institution in terms of both education and medicine.

St. Thomas hosts several annual events that draw significant crowds and local participation. Here are some of the town's most anticipated events:

Airfest - This bi-annual event showcases the powerful sound of jet engines, the stunning aerial displays of the Snowbirds, and the exhilarating performance of the CF-18 Team as they dominate the skies.

Downtown Pumpkin Prowl - Every year, on the Friday before Halloween, dress up and explore Downtown St. Thomas during the annual trick-or-treat event, with local shops and restaurants participating.

Santa Clause Parade - Experience the holiday spirit at the Santa Claus Parade, a night event where all floats shine brightly, music plays loudly, and the festive atmosphere fills the air.

St. Anne’s Festival - The St. Anne’s Festival offers rides, entertainment, games, delicious foods, complete dinners, arcade games, thrilling rides, live music, children's games, and a vibrant atmosphere for enjoyment and community bonding.

Horton Farmers Market - A hub for purchasing fresh, locally sourced produce and connecting with the community, the Horton Farmers' Market has been a cornerstone of local culture since 1878.

Check Out The Horton Farmers Market In St Thomas, ON

As such a beautiful city to live in, St. Thomas offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. Just moments away from the beaches of Port Stanley, the city is filled with verdant parks, mature forested areas, and scenic lake views. With approximately 35 parks, including 32 neighbourhood parks, and access to several well-maintained golf courses, residents of St. Thomas can easily participate in many outdoor activities and experiences year-round.

Local outdoor hotspots include:

Enjoy All The Great Golf Courses That St. Thomas, ON Has To Offer!

When potential homebuyers think of a small town, they may underestimate the recreational amenities available. However, St. Thomas defies these expectations with impressive facilities. The Joe Thornton Community Centre boasts two ice rinks, a multi-purpose gymnasium, and an indoor running track, while the St. Thomas-Elgin Memorial Arena offers a seating capacity of 2,600 and features an ice rink, auditorium, and meeting rooms.

As well, the city is home to the Jaycees Pool, an outdoor community pool with a separate diving area, and the Douglas J. Tarry Sports Complex, celebrated for its five fully lighted baseball diamonds, playground, and food services.

In St. Thomas, foodies are in for a treat as the city's dining scene has been flourishing with breweries, wineries, and coffee shops. Local restaurateurs are prioritizing locally sourced ingredients and showcasing genuine culinary creativity in their dishes. Residents have their favourite spots to dine, with Lotus Thai, Bella Jacks, and Legends Tavern being among the popular choices to enjoy a delicious meal.

Moving to St. Thomas offers more than just a location change it opens up a world of opportunities, experiences, and investment opportunities. The area welcomes new homeowners every day with no sign of slowing down and continues to attract first and second-time homebuyers from all over Ontario. With this steady population increase and new homes consistently going up for sale this wonderful city is proving to be a hotspot for real estate.

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