The Best Neighbourhoods In St. Catharines

The Best Neighbourhoods In St. Catharines

If you’re moving to St. Catharines, ON, finding the perfect neighbourhood for you is a must. To find said neighbourhood, you must be confident that you have the right information at your fingertips. With its stunning natural beauty and wonderful community, St. Catharines offers a range of exceptional neighbourhoods that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. 

St. Catharines, located in the Niagara Region, is known for its diverse, educated, and growing population that comprises almost one-third of the region's citizens. The city is described as the administrative centre of the Niagara Region and has a strong community vibe with a focus on economic development and a thriving workforce.

A welcoming city with a friendly atmosphere, St Catharines is the epitome of warm hospitality. It’s renowned for its residents' pride in their hometown. St. Catharines offers a balance between a small-town feel and the amenities of a larger city. The city has a varied demographic, with a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees.

St. Catharines is home to several major employers, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors. The city's economic stability and job opportunities make it an attractive destination for those looking to start a new chapter in their lives.

Living in St. Catharines, ON

St. Catharines boasts a variety of neighbourhoods, each with its own unique charm and amenities. Whether you are looking for waterfront homes, close living to vineyards or larger lots, the below neighbourhoods offer something for everyone!

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Port Dalhousie is a charming neighbourhood known for its picturesque waterfront living. In this community, the majority of the residences consist of single-family homes situated on spacious lots. A considerable number of these homes boast waterfront access, others, stunning views of the lake. Water and lots of trees and greenery enriching the area make this one of the best neighbourhoods in St. Catharines.

One of the main attractions of living in Port Dalhousie is the abundance of amenities available to residents. The neighbourhood has lakeside restaurants where you can indulge in delicious meals while taking in the scenic views. There are also sandy beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun during the summer months. The marina offers opportunities for boating and water sports, while the historic lighthouse adds a touch of charm to the area. Port Dalhousie hosts community events throughout the year, such as the Lakeside Park Supper Market and the Royal Henley Regatta, bringing residents together and fostering a sense of community.

Port Dalhousie A Charming Neighbourhood In St. Catherines

Port Dalhousie appeals to a diverse range of individuals, including retirees, and young families. The tranquil lakeside lifestyle is particularly attractive to those seeking a peaceful and serene environment.

Gracefield Public School and St. Ann Catholic Elementary School provide quality education and ensure that children have access to excellent learning opportunities close to home.

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Glenridge is a neighbourhood that offers a variety of types and styles of homes, making it a desirable place to live. The area predominantly features single-family homes, including bungalows, split-level, and two-story houses. These homes are complemented by well-landscaped yards, adding to the attractiveness of the neighbourhood. Rental rooms and full apartments are an option as well.

One of the draws to Glenridge is its proximity to Brock University. This makes it an ideal location for students who are looking to live off-campus. The neighbourhood is also close to shopping centres, providing convenient access to essential amenities for both students and families. Residents of Glenridge enjoy access to community parks, walking trails, and local sports facilities.

Great Walking Trails In Glenridge, St Catherines

Due to its close proximity to the university, Glenridge is often home to a mix of homeowners, students, and academics. Homeowners appreciate the peaceful residential atmosphere coupled with the convenience of nearby amenities. Students benefit from the proximity to the university, allowing for easy access to classes and campus facilities.

Families residing in Glenridge appreciate Oakridge Public School, St. Peter Catholic Elementary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School.

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Grapeview is known for its tree-lined streets and serene atmosphere. There is a significant presence of families, leading to the predominance of single-family homes with spacious lots in this community. Situated within this area is some newer contemporary construction which is part of Grapeview's diversity.

Living in Grapeview offers the unique advantage of being close to vineyards, wineries and nearby parks. Residents can enjoy the peaceful and scenic environment that these attractions provide. Whether it's taking a leisurely walk through the vineyards or enjoying a picnic in one of the nearby parks, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and connection with nature.

Grapeview consists mainly of homeowners, including young families and retirees. The neighbourhood attracts those who value a peaceful and close-knit community. Grapeview residents have the option of Grapeview Public School and Saint Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School within the community.

Great School Options In Grapeview, St Catherines

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As its name suggests, Lakeshore is a waterfront neighbourhood that offers breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. With direct access to Lake Ontario, this neighbourhood has been ranked as one of the best neighbourhoods in St. Catharines. A fact worth noting for those moving to St. Catharines.

Potential buyers will find mostly single-family homes on good sized lots in this area. There are some newer builds as well as tastefully renovated properties providing options for differing tastes and styles.

When it comes to amenities, Lakeshore offers easy access to the lake, community parks, and common areas. The East Pier in Port Dalhousie, with its rich historical significance, can be found in the Lakeshore neighbourhood. With its natural beauty and proximity to amenities, Lakeshore is a neighbourhood that offers a one-of-a-kind living experience for all ages. Living in the neighbourhood of Lakeshore, students can attend Pine Grove Public School and Terra Viva Montessori Bilingual School.

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Port Weller is a unique neighbourhood located on the northern side of St. Catharines. This neighbourhood is split in half by the Welland Canal, with Port Weller West having a significantly higher population than Port Weller East due to agricultural and industrial development, including farmland and wineries. The neighbourhood is characterised by its abundance of greenery and trees, creating a rural feel with a high level of privacy and tranquillity for residents.

Port Weller primarily features single-family and multi-family attached homes, offering a mix of 2-4 bedroom properties situated on decently sized lots. Homeownership is prevalent in this neighbourhood, with 87% of homes being owned and only 13% considered rentals. Prospective homeowners can find a variety of housing options, including newly constructed, older, and remodelled homes.

The neighbourhood boasts numerous amenities and activities. With an abundance of parks, the municipal beach situated at the entrance of the Welland Canal, plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation including the George Nicholson Memorial Trail, living in this community is very appealing.

The Port Weller Public School and Prince Phillip Public School provide the educational needs for families that choose to reside in this popular St. Catharines neighbourhood.

Welland Canal, St Catherines, ON

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Secord Woods is a promising neighbourhood in St. Catharines known for its excellent livability score and diverse amenities. Secord Woods offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The area is characterised by well-kept yards and a mix of housing styles, providing a comfortable and visually appealing living environment.

Secord Woods has a sense of community, with friendly neighbours and a pet-friendly environment, contributing to its appeal among residents. The area's demographic makeup is reflective of a community seeking a comfortable and convenient living experience.

The neighbourhood provides access to several parks, offering residents opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisure activities. With access to various entertainment venues, cultural institutions, and recreational facilities within convenient reach, Secord Woods is a community worth considering.

When it comes to educational options for this community, students attend the Prince of Wales Public School, E.I. McCulley Public School, Carleton Public School and Laura Secord Secondary School.

Second Woods Neighbourhoods Offers Great School Options

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Merritton, known as "The heart of St. Catharines", is a vibrant and happening neighbourhood that prides itself on being an important contributor to city life. It has transformed from an industrial manufacturing hub into an entertainment, dining, and shopping mecca, experiencing numerous improvements and new developments in recent years.

This neighbourhood provides a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The area has seen new developments that are gradually creating a more upscale urban environment.

Merritton's population is eclectic — a mix of students, families, and senior citizens. The neighbourhood is home to a growing number of young single professionals and single individuals of all ages. It's described as a close-knit community that is very welcoming to newcomers. This community boasts an abundance of amenities such as community parks, sports facilities, and of course access to local businesses.

Educational options include Burleigh Hill Public Elementary and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, St. Christopher Catholic Elementary and Denis Morris Catholic High.

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St. Catharines, ON, offers a variety of neighbourhoods that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Whether you're drawn to the waterfront charm of Port Dalhousie, the family-friendly atmosphere of Glenridge, or the natural beauty of Second Woods, there's a neighbourhood in St. Catharines that will feel like you’ve come home. By considering factors such as housing options, amenities, demographics, and schools, you can make an informed decision about where to purchase. 

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