The 10 Best Neighbourhoods in London, Ontario

10 Best Neighbourhoods in London, Ontario

Are you looking to move to one of the best neighbourhoods in London, Ontario? If so, you're in great company! London is one of Canada's fastest growing cities, with many beautiful, family-friendly neighbourhoods to call home.

As London residents and experts in London real estate for over three decades, we know this city inside and out. We see individuals and families buying and selling homes in every neighbourhood in London each day. So, if you're looking for the best areas in London Ontario to live in, keep reading as we show you around this beautiful city.


Byron London Ontario Neighbourhood

Located on the far west end of London, Byron is very much a small town within the city. Chosen for its sense of community and quiet residential streets, it’s easy to see why this part of the city is one of the best places to live in London.

You will find mostly low-density, single detached homes in Byron, many of which are from the mid-1900s. As this part of London continues to attract buyers, more middle-class and high-end condominiums are also emerging.

Byron is a great family-friendly community, with five elementary schools and two nearby high schools, a community centre and sports complex, and various parks, including the popular Springbank Park. Byron is also home to Boler Mountain - London's ski hill and Treetop Adventure Park, Storybook Gardens kid's park, and many beloved restaurants and patios.

The main commercial area in Byron surrounds the intersection of Boler and Commissioners Road, where you will find a Metro grocery store, library, restaurants, banks, and various business offices and storefronts. Situated only 10 minutes from the heart of downtown London, Byron is one of the best neighbourhoods in London for families, couples and singles looking for that small-town feel without compromising the convenience of the city.

Byron Amenities
Best Things to do
  1. Visit Springbank Park
  2. Go Skiing at Boler Mountain
  3. Day at Storeybook Gardens
  4. Visit Warbler Woods Park
Great Restaurants

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Sunningdale, London, Ontario Neighbourhood

One of London's most affluent neighbourhoods is Sunningdale in the northwest end of the city. This neighbourhood is mainly comprised of single detached homes, including old estate homes as well as newer residential homes that began to emerge when the area developed in the early 2000s. You will also find some townhouses and high-rise residential buildings, as the nearby Masonville community grows in density and spreads further north into Sunningdale.

Some of the most appealing features of Sunningdale include the picturesque trails of Medway Valley Heritage Forest and the wide-open green space of Plane Tree Park. The premiere private Sunningdale Golf and Country Club is also located on the north end of the neighbourhood, giving way to rolling hills of manicured lawns and maintained forest.

There are many families in the Sunningdale neighbourhood, with two elementary schools and two nearby high schools for kids to attend. Located within minutes from one of London's largest commercial centres - Masonville Place Mall - and a short 15 minute drive to downtown London, Sunningdale is one of the best areas to live of London, Ontario for many good reasons.

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Located just north of Western University is the beautiful residential neighbourhood of Masonville. The city really started developing this stretch of land in and after the 1980s, and many of the homes date back to this period. This neighbourhood is comprised of single detached homes, townhomes, apartment buildings and condos, as well as a considerable amount of rental housing catering to the large student population.

The central commercial area of this neighbourhood is, of course, Masonville Place Mall, located at Richmond and Fanshawe Park Road. This is one of London's largest shopping centres, and its surrounding area has been recently become home to modern luxury apartments catering to young professionals and students.

Further into the residential streets of Masonville you will find quiet family homes, parks and forested trails running along rivers and creeks. There are three elementary schools and two nearby high schools for families who choose to make this part of town home. For a convenient, family-friendly or young-hearted neighbourhood in London's north end, Masonville should be high on your list.

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Old North

Old North, London, Ontario Neighbourhood

The Old North neighbourhood is one of the best areas to live in London if you want the convenience of downtown with the charm of century homes. Located just north of downtown between the Thames River and Adelaide Street, this neighbourhood is composed of a mix of large, historic homes with some newer residential developments.

While there are mostly single detached homes in this more affluent part of town, you will also find some rental housing and apartment buildings catering to the large student population living close to Western University. Families with children are also attracted to the area due to the convenience of three elementary schools and some of the city's best parks, including Gibbons Park and Doidge Park.

The Thames Valley Parkway runs along the Thames River and through Old North, providing a great bike route for commuters heading downtown, to the university, or to St Joseph's Hospital. Old North is a unique mix of affluence, historic charm, and lively energy as it caters to a multitude of demographics in the city.

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Oakridge, London, Ontario Neighbourhood

Oakridge is a great neighbourhood for families, with a close proximity to shopping, parks and schools. It represents the area both north and south of Oxford Street between Wonderland Road and Sanatorium Road in the city's west end. Oakridge has mainly developed since the 1950s, and most of the homes date back to this period.

Oakridge has mainly single detached houses along with some townhomes and apartments. The area is very family-oriented, with multiple elementary schools and high schools within close proximity, as well as lots of green space. The trails of Sifton Bog and the large fields and recreational facilities of Oakridge Optimist Park are some of the main highlights of the neighbourhood.

Residents of Oakridge are also close to major grocery stores and many independent businesses found along Oxford Street and Hyde Park Road. Families living in Oakridge have the convenience of being just a short 10-minute drive away from downtown, while also enjoying homes on larger lots with mature trees.

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Westmount is another one of London's best family-friendly neighbourhoods. It is located in the city's southwest corner, bordered by Commissioners Road to the north and Southdale Road to the south. Development began in the 1960s and homes date back to this period, though new developments have sprung up in the west side of the neighbourhood in more recent years.

The housing in Westmount is quite diverse, including both large and modest single detached homes, as well as high-density apartments that line the major roads of Wonderland Road and Commissioners. There are multiple elementary schools and one large high school, with additional secondary schools only a short drive away.

Westmount Shopping Centre is a popular destination for those living in the area, along with the commercial area found at Wonderland Road and Southdale. Most of your shopping needs can be found right in the neighbourhood, whether it be groceries, clothing, electronics or more.

If you're looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood with a great reputation and a variety of housing options for all budgets, Westmount is a great place to begin your search.

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Old South / Wortley Village

Old South/Wortley Village is one of London's oldest neighbourhoods, and it easily makes the list for best neighbourhoods in London. This historic part of town lies just south of downtown, with most homes dating back to World War II or shortly afterwards. While each home is filled with surprises and quirks, it's common to see homeowners completing major renovations or completely rebuilding on the deep lots that characterize Old South properties.

The hub of activity in Old South is Wortley Village, which has very much of a small-town feel, with independent shops and restaurants lining the busy Wortley Road. Green spaces like Thames Park and "The Green" outside of the YMCA are bustling with activity in the summer.

Unique homes with tons of character line the streets in this neighbourhood, ranging from large, historic homes - some of which have been converted to multi-unit rentals - to modest one or two story houses.

The population in Old South/Wortley Village is quite diverse, with many families, retirees and young professionals all calling this part of town home. Wortley Village has even been named Canada's best neighbourhood! While many others could likely give it a run for its money, it's easy to see why Old South/Wortley Village makes the list of London's top neighbourhoods.

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Northridge is an excellent neighbourhood in northeast London. Many of its homes date back to the 1960s and 70s, with some newer developments having followed in recent years. Most of the homes are single detached dwellings situated on spacious lots.

The commercial hub of this neighbourhood is at Fanshawe Park Road and Adelaide Street, where residents can find a number of shops and restaurants. Kilally Woods is in the south end of Northridge, providing residents with beautifully forested trails that run along the Thames River.

Northridge also has excellent educational resources, with two elementary schools and one high school located within its boundaries. Recreation is another big draw, with Stoneybrook Recreation Fields and Tin Cup Golf driving range and mini-golf course in the southwest corner of the neighbourhood.

Given its convenient location, great schools, and abundance of green spaces, Northridge is a great neighbourhood choice for families and individuals moving to London.

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Summerside, London, Ontario Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Summerside in London's southeast end is one of London's newer neighbourhoods, having been developed only in the last decade or so. It includes mostly single detached homes and townhomes, and is a popular residential neighbourhood for families choosing to live close to the edge of town. The residential streets in Summerside are lined with neatly manicured lawns and younger trees, and the newer houses are a considerable contrast to the city's older neighbourhoods.

The intersection of Highbury and Commissioners Road is home to a number of stores, restaurants and services. And the nearby onramp to Highbury Ave makes Summerside an ideal neighbourhood in London for those needing to commute on the 401.

Nature lovers will enjoy access to Meadowlily Woods Trails along Pottersburg Creek, while athletes will appreciate the nearby City Wide Sports Park. Summerside is also home to multiple schools, including two of London's French language schools.

Summerside is a great neighbourhood for residents looking to move to a newer suburban home on the edge of town.

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Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in London as the city expands ever northward. Located north of Fanshawe Park Road and between Adelaide Street and Highbury Avenue, Stoney Creek is a classy suburban neighbourhood filled with parks, ponds and creek-side trails.

Most homes in Stoney Creek are single-family dwellings, interspersed with some townhomes and apartments. Many of the houses closer to Fanshawe Park Road date back to the 1970s or 80s, while the developments stretching further north are continuing to bring new builds to the city.

The Stoney Creek Community Centre, YMCA and library, are excellent community resources where members have access to a fully-equipped gym, pool and recreational facilities. There are also two elementary schools and a high school within the neighbourhood, with other nearby schools in neighbouring Northridge.

For shopping and food options, Fanshawe Park Road and Adelaide Street have popular big-box stores as well as some restaurants and cafes. Masonville Mall is also only a short drive away.

With its mix of newer and newly-built homes and excellent community resources, Stoney Creek comes highly recommended as one of London's top neighbourhoods.

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What is the best neighborhood to live in London Ontario?

The answer to this question depends on your individual preferences and lifestyle needs. We've listed ten of the best London, Ontario neighbourhoods based on decades of experience in real estate. Each of these neighbourhoods has a reputation for being safe and family-oriented, and offers a variety of amenities including parks, schools, shopping options, and recreation facilities.

What is the most beautiful neighborhood in London?

The beauty of each neighbourhood in London, Ontario is subjective. Depending on your preferences and style, you may find different neighbourhoods more aesthetically pleasing than others. Some of the nicest parts of London include Wortley Village for its quaint charm, Old North for its picturesque century homes, and Byron for its blend of small-town feel within the city.

Conclusion: Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods in London, Ontario

London, Ontario is a great city to live in, with countless neighbourhoods offering something unique and special. Whether you're looking for modern conveniences or historic charm, every corner of this city is uniquely suited for every type of person.

If you've been considering moving to London, Ontario, or even moving within the city, consider these top neighbourhoods and start browsing for houses. The lifestyle you've been waiting for is at your fingertips and calling your name!

Do you have questions about any London Neighbourhoods?

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